Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Break It Down People!

Some randoms from my brain as of late...

My neck has been tight when I turn to the left for the past two days.
Just thought you would want to know.

I have a date for the BlogHer Conference in July in Chicago!
I'm hoping we come away with lots of free stuff, more free stuff, and some pictures with some popular bloggers.
We are going to hit the parties that they put on and party like the 40 year old women we are!
I need some sassy new shoes for the event.

Speaking of bloggers, I got into an email altercation with another blogger recently.
Her daughter also has leukemia and I found her on some other popular mainstream blog site and started reading her stuff.
She's a published author and so I think has quite a following for her blog.
I was put off by one of her posts and told her about it.
She was griping about all of the stuff her kid has gotten since the diagnosis of cancer.
In my opinion, she should (being in the blogging position that she is in) be more responsible in what she says.
She began her rebuttal of my first email by being fakely cordial, saying she was sorry to lose me as a follower.
Then, she slept on it (or didn't sleep on it as my email had kept her up at night!) and told me in so many words that I was a pure meanie!
Well, after she wrote this on her very next blog post..."I think when I used to occasionally see a child with no hair I immediately thought: they must be dying. I didn’t know how curable most childhood cancers are."...I knew she was living in some other reality than the childhood cancer reality.
She has a lot to learn.
Tell that quote to a parent of one of childhood cancer's many victims.
I don't read her rubbish anymore.

Downton Abbey!
Here are my thoughts after seeing the season three premier...
Mr. Bates may be guilty after all. He's got quite a temper on him!
Poor Mrs. Hughes! Not The Cancer! Sigh...
I'm glad she has Mrs. Patmore.
Edith and Sir Anthony: I think she's settling because she's the last to find a man.
But he is super nice and super loaded and I'm sure they will have cute kids.
I'm torn about Matthew's inheritance and his reluctance to save Downton.
Yes, it's money from Lavinia.
I get that.
But he's married to Miss Hoity Toity now and she's wants her beloved castle and she wants it NOW!
What to do, what to do?
And Thomas!
Such a cad!
I hear O'Brien gets the best of him this season.
I can't wait to see it all!
And the grandmothers reunited under one roof.
That was divine!
Mrs. Levinson gave the Dowager a run for her money all right!
Shirley and Maggie are da bomb!
Kids, don't talk to me on Sunday night.
Mama's busy!

I predict that the summer of 2013 is going to be hotter than last summer.
We have had no snowfall.
The drought will continue.
H. O. T.
I'm thankful for my giant tank of saltwater in my backyard.
I will not be thankful for the flies.

Zoe will turn 8 next month.
We are gearing up for a Hip Hop Dance Party.
She wants to have her party at the place where she takes her dance classes.
I'm going to come in with my MC Hammer pants and hit the floor with my best lawn mower dance moves.
I don't even know what hip hop really is.
Run DMC and Jody Watley are what I think of.


  1. you are hilarious. I loved Jody WAtley! :)

    Downton Abbey Season 3 is AWESOME! I really enjoyed it. Now, I have to wait a very long time till next season. :(

  2. HAHAHA Jody Watley! Girl you go on with your bad self!!!

    Great post!

  3. 1. Got my first BlogHer newsletter today! So excited and also looking forward to free stuff. Starting a mental list of which bloggers I want to meet. And you deserve a new pair of shoes.

    2. Shirley and Maggie = Priceless. And I hate that Mr. Bates is probably guilty. Poor Anna.

    3. You MUST take pics of the MC Hammer pants.

  4. You are going to the conference!!!!! Excited for you and can't wait to read and hear all about it!

    Neck feeling any better yet?