Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blue Minivans Are Everywhere!

When I was younger, as in when I began driving a car on the real road and not just in the driveway and I thought I was the cat's meow and began driving over 25 miles per hour, I wanted a Jeep.
A Jeep with big ass tires and no windows.
A free-wheelin', life to be loved, hair blowin' in my face and getting stuck in my lip-glossed kisser, kind of Jeep.
In black please.
My dad said no.
I would flip it he chimed in.
Had he noticed my careless carefree driving after all?
I, instead, drove a red Mazda.
Not nearly as exciting.

A Jaguar!
I wanted to drive a sleek, polished till I could see the workins of my own brain on it's shiny exterior, look what I have accomplished in my college-educated life, Jaguar.
In black please.
I bought a burgundy 4-door Honda.
Not as sleek, but it sure was dependable.
Dependable is so dull, though.
Dependable is way cheaper, though.

A wagon.
I wanted a wagon, as in look what a hipster I am, with my made in the good ol' U S of A, gas friendly, luggage rack on the roof because I'm a traveler damn it, Subaru.
In black please.
I have a blue Toyota minivan.
It's roomy, sure.
There's room for all four of us, plus grandma, grandpa, and the dogs.
Sometimes the minivan holds goats.
There are so many of these blue minivans in town that I've had to outfit mine in stickers just so I can find it in the Target parking lot.

Zoe recently told me that when she grows up and starts to drive that she wants a minivan.
Are you drunk again, kid?!
What about that Mini-Cooper we just passed?
Oh, look at that cool little Italian Fiat!
Isn't that awesome?!
You won't be driving anyone else around but your sister.
You don't need a large, full of garbage, smells like a dog fart, minivan.
That's what old ladies like your mother drive!

I hope she gets over that idea and learns to dream in more exciting and out of the box ways.
I do totally appreciate her sensibilities toward space and comfort and for the ability to haul large amounts of crap around town.
And there's the fact that she has an affinity to be like her mom.
I know that that won't last forever.
But I want her to dream of a life that's more shiny, fast, glossy, and just out of reach.
Something to aspire to be.
To live a life full of Maseratis and Volvos.
In black please.

Side note:
Zoe saw me writing this and stated that she would first like to have a scooter (like her "aunt" Laura) and would use a Volkswagon Bug when it's cold out to drive to school.
The minivan would be when she's graduated from school.
I sense a tinge of boldness there.

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  1. I drove a station wagon through high school...not exactly a mini van but one tiny step away. Let's not give our child a vehicle that holds too many people or stuff...a scooter or bug is the perfect choice...just saying that maybe a mini van leaves room for more fun and not sensible fun...just-plain-old-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time-teenage fun. (AKA Trouble) :)