Monday, November 5, 2012

What You Can Find Online...

I have acquired two new inter-web friends.
Carla and Laura.
Two ladies who I have never seen other than a picture on the computer.
Two ladies who live not too far from me so I hope that one day we can meet up.
Two ladies who are funny, caring, selfless people.
Both have a great story to tell...

Carla has three kids.
I clicked on her name just to be curious after she had posted a comment on Laura's blog.
She raises and kills chickens for her family to eat.
She likes to sew and laugh.
She loves Downton Abbey and bluegrass music.
She is also a gestational surrogate.
Can't get more amazing than that!
She has a blog that deals with her day to day life called Our Happy Chaos.
You will see pictures of her adorable family and her life on a rural Illinois farm.
She also has a blog describing her surrogacy journeys, Gest Another Day. 
She has already helped one family with the birth of a daughter and is on her way to helping a gay couple from Argentina fulfill their dreams of being a family of three.
I have so much respect for her.
It takes a very special person to do that for someone.
It's one of the most generous and loving things one human being can do for another.
Carla rocks!

Laura has two girls about the same ages as my own.
She has a super blondie like Gigi who sounds just as wild and funny.
She likes spending time with her family, being outdoors, and using her crockpot.
Side note: I have recently learned that the crock pot is like the queen of my kitchen!
Anyway, I found Laura when she posted something on a mutual friend's Facebook page regarding blogging and I asked her what her blog name was and it went from there.  
Other than being a super busy mom of two, she and her husband have hosted orphans in their home from Eastern European countries (Latvia I believe). 
No families.
No mothers or fathers.
All alone to fend for themselves in usually not the best of scenarios.
To host a child in your home that doesn't understand the language, that you will probably never see again, who may be afraid to hug you because this is one more person who won't be there because they live an ocean away...heartbreaking and humbling.
Laura has a strength that commands an award.
She talks about her orphan hosting experiences and her everyday life on her blog
Where Love Starts.     

The internet can find you all sorts of things these days.
There are so many things to see and to boots, a birdfeeder than looks like a cat, a new partner in life, and new friends 
I hope you take the time to check out these two amazing people's blogs.
Blogging can be a somewhat lonely experience.
I for some reason felt compelled in 2010 to start writing online about my family and our life on our farm.
It's turned into a venue to discuss the difficult things our family has had to go through beginning in the fall of 2010.
It's hard to know if you should keep writing, is there anyone really reading?  
I know I'm reading and have found some great people because of it.
Laura and Carla.
Two amazing women with amazing lives and stories to tell.
Two new friends...



  1. Wow, lady! What a wonderfully, nice, written post! Thank you! I am so glad you found us. Yes! Jen? Laura? When is our meet up? I am willing to drive!

    1. Weekend? Weekday? What's best for you?!

  2. M or W evenings, Tuesdays - anytime, or Saturday/Sunday. :)

  3. Wait! I am coming too!!!!!!!
    (This is awesome!)