Sunday, November 4, 2012

Skills and Stuff

You know me and lists.
Here's a list of my skills versus stuff I suck at.

Things I've tried and I'm no good at:

Driving a stick shift - I am incapable of driving Chad's truck.  Which is not such a bad thing.
Have you seen his truck? 

Knitting - I tried once a few years ago.  I used to help my grandmother when I was a child with her knitting...knit one, pearl two.  But as an adult I couldn't get the darn thing started and all of my newly bought supplies began to gather dust.  Makes me a wee bit sad. 

Sewing - I LOVE watching Project Runway.  But I have zero sewing skills. I do have a sewing machine.  Another dust gatherer. 

Making fancy cupcakes or fancy cake icing - Just ask Zoe about the horse cupcakes of 2009.  It was like watching a horror movie. 

Touching raw meat - just ain't gonna do it.  Must.  Use.  Plastic. Gloves.

Cleaning the pool with the sucker vacuum thingy - either my arms aren't long enough or my coordination is off or something.  That's why I have a pool boy, I guess.  Pool boy numero dos starts work next year...Happy Retirement to my dad!

Things I have tried that I'm good at:

Cutting my own hair - who knew?  The back of the head is the hardest really.  Now I'm no Sally Hershberger or Vidal Sasson, but I do manage to go out in public after cutting my own hair. 

Dusting - I am a dusting aficionado.  I was always the family duster growing up and it's a trait that I have held onto.  My life is sad.  I know.  Moving on... 

Cooking without a recipe - I used to be able to only make microwave popcorn, but not anymore!  I can now make my turkey meatballs, cheese manicotti, and spicy pretzels sans recipe card.  Holla!

Writing a blog - another who knew?!  I guess I'm a good writer.  I certainly crack myself up sometimes.  And have brought myself to tears while writing about "the cancer."

What are some things you suck at..ahem, are not very good at...and some things that you just rock? 
It's okay to brag. 
I bet you can't beat my dusting prowess or my pool boy's leaf scooping abilities (you know, I hired him!) 


  1. Not good at: swimming, running, sewing by hand, or philosophy.

    Good at: nature photography, selecting new recipes, hugging my kids, and simplifying nature concepts for children.

    1. I cant run either. And is anyone really good at philosophy?! I think not :-).

  2. Not good: menu planning, disciplining, crafty things, and falling asleep
    Good: cooking, laundry, being bossy and planning stuff

    I am so glad that you blogging everyday...and I love that I don't have to fill out crazy things in order to comment!

    1. I hate those crazy number/word things you have to type to comment! They have been dismissed!!!!!