Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkeys and Presidents

The second graders put on a fine Thanksgiving program at school today.
We saw a skit with a farmer, Zoe's friend Roy, and 83 turkeys...also known as the rest of the kids.    
The students hid turkeys that they had made under their shirts so Farmer McNugget (Roy) wouldn't kill them and they waddled out of the gym with their cohorts.

Zoe was one of 16 students who had the honor of stating what she was thankful for at the microphone.
She said she was thankful to herself for being a good student and always paying attention in class. 

One kid said he was thankful for the new sneakers he had.
Another for her health.

We then had a scrumptious turkey dinner in the cramped cafeteria.
Always fun to shove your long legs and large butt into the kid sized tables.  
Very good meal, though.
Those ladies in the cafeteria know how to cook!

As we were going down the hallway to Zoe's locker, we stopped at the Presidential Board.
Some of the kids had made a "bobble head" of the candidates in this year's election.
We saw Zoe's Barack Obama...

and her Mitt Romney...

and some kid who thought Bush was running again...

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