Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanks For Reading

Today is the last day of November and I will have completed the Blog*A* Day challenge from BlogHer.
I'm sure some of you are saying "whew!" and others have no idea that this is being said because they long ago stopped reading.  
But, for those still reading, I say thanks.
Thanks for sticking by me and my various thoughts.
Thanks for reading the daily borings of my life and listening to some of my rants.
I thought I would end this month of blogging with some Gigiisms.  
Well, they aren't really isms as much as just crap she's said that I have found amusing. 
I'll throw in some of her sister's more serious thoughts.

Here it goes...

"I love you big fat mama."

Said to Zoe: "I'm just going to go tell mama I love her."
Then said to me: "Zozo just tooted!"
From Zoe in the next room: "Giiiiiiiiiiigiiiiiiiiiii!!"   

"Look at my ass!"
This was said while nude and shaking said ass.

"I love you sissy, I tooted."

Have you noticed the pattern here?

"I have big feet!"...this is said approximately 48 times a day and her feet are propelled into your face as she's declaring this.

And from Zoe, who is by far the more serious of the two...

"I want to thank you for pulling my tooth.  Really, thank you." 

"Yes, Gigi, we know you have big feet.  Geesh."

"big sigh" followed by "big sigh" followed by (you guessed it) "big sigh."

I'll continue with the blog, just not everyday.
I'm surprised I've had something to say everyday.
I guess my head's just full of big fat thoughts. 

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