Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tunnel of Doom?

I hope this week doesn't turn bad.
It has the beginnings of failure on a grande scale.
So far it's Tuesday and...

-I have had a flat tire
-Chad has an ear infection
-we ran out of Zoe's antibiotics and had to get an emergency supply from CVS because our insurance company forces us to get these drugs from a pharmacy in St. Louis that is mail-order. 
-this emergency supply cost a lot
-one of the cats is limping
-my washing machine refuses to spin out excess water
-it's been raining everyday
-i've eaten all of my favorite chips that I just bought

You can see the problems, right?!
But wait!
I see a light!
A bright light at the end of the tunnel of doom...

-the tire has been fixed
-Chad has antibiotics
-Zoe has antibiotics
-since the tire is fixed I can go out and get more of my favorite chips
-the rain is helping with the drought
-i've learned to channel my inner Caroline Ingalls with the washing machine
-fingers are crossed for the cat

So, I guess it could be worse.
We could have a kid with cancer.
Oh, nevermind.



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  1. :( and :) and :(
    Hope you find some joy in today.