Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sunset In My Eyes

It wasn't until I moved to the country that I really saw a sunset.
I mean, of course I've seen a sunset.
It's a warm and surprising sight for your eyes.
Watching the ball of fire that sustains us go into hiding under the horizon in a glow of oranges, pinks, and golds.
It's quite mesmerizing.
But I've never really seen the whole change of sunsets over time in accordance with the seasons.
Did you know that in the summer the sun sets on the northern edge of the western horizon?
But in the fall it's more west-west and in the winter it sets on the southern edge of the western horizon.
Does this make sense?
Are you confused?
I'm confused.
I sit in my living room that has western facing windows and there are no curtains on these windows.
It took me a few years, but one day I said, "hey, the sun is setting in a different place than it was a few months ago!"
Chad and I both stared at the sky and did a big "hhhhhhmmmmm" and he said "I guess we never noticed that living in Chicago."
So, here's a recap from my living room...
In the summer when I sit in my chair drinking a lemon water with the A/C on, the sun sets to my right on the horizon.
In the Fall when I sit in my chair drinking a spiced hot cider with only one window open because it's getting chilly, the sunsets in the middle of the horizon.
And in the winter when I'm sitting in my chair drinking a steaming hot vanilla coffee with the furnace blazing while I'm piled under two blankets and there are socks and slippers on my feet, the sun sets to my far left on the horizon.
This is in the end of my science lesson.
Your welcome.

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