Friday, September 28, 2012

I Want Stuff!

The first step is admitting you have a problem.
And I have a problem.
An addiction.
It's getting bad.
As with most addicts, I am going to lay blame for my problem on someone else.
That someone else being my friend Kelly...Hi Kelly!
She really started this whole thing.
Gets my hopes up only to be sunk to the depths of loserville once reality sets in.
To know that I'll never be number one in "her" eyes.
Her being...
The Pioneer Woman.
For those of you who have been living under a humongous rock with zero windows, The Pioneer Woman is this city gal named Ree who met a cowboy years ago and moved to a ranch in Oklahoma and had his cowboy babies. She started a blog, has written some books, and she now has a show on Food Network.
They must be supremo loaded because she is constantly having giveaways!
She'll give away the clothes she's never worn right out of her closet.
She'll give away iPads, cameras, Target Gift cards, expensive boots, Cuisinart mixers.
The list goes on and on and on and on...
Kelly (back to her!) will text me.."PW is giving away 3 Target gift cards today!"
I will be soooo excited and pop onto the website and answer whatever cuckoo question she has posted today in order to win just one of those cards.
These aren't $20 gift cards either, folks.
These are usually $250 cards.
Hell yes I'm going to add my comment for the question "what kind of dog do you like the best?" or "what color socks are you wearing right now?" in order to win that damn gift card.
Me and 19,000 other fools.
I never win.
Neither does least that I know of!
Is she keeping a secret from me that she actually won a camera so I won't be jealous?
Jealous that PW picked her name and answer to the question "what's your favorite condiment?" and not mine?
Today I entered a photo contest, a fabric art contest, and a mixer contest.
I have to check the website everyday to make sure I haven't missed a contest.
What if I miss a giveaway?
I have to check each contest I've entered to see if I'm the lucky one.
I have to win sometime don't I?
I just have to.
I just have to...cry, cry...heavy sigh.
And I'm sorry to say that I can NOT tell you the website address of The Pioneer Woman because then you would be one more person I would be up against when it's time to win a pretty casserole dish.
The intervention can happen at anytime people.

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