Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I think...

i'll start saying catsup instead of ketchup.

having two dogs is the right amount for our family.

life would be less messy without kids, but a whole lot less entertaining.

pinterest isn't that exciting anymore (but I still look on occasion.)

our cat Jumper lives at another house around the corner when he's gone for days at a time.

fall is still my favorite season...this heat better not stick around into October.

more people should turn off the television and turn on their mind.

there are too many fast food restaurants hawking the same greasy crap...can't a girl get a falafel sandwich for crying out loud!

i need some new shoes.

stowing away empty paper towel rolls comes back to haunt me when my home is then full of crafted "binoculars, spy scopes, swords" that I have to guard from the dog who likes to eat "binoculars, spy scopes, swords."  

birds are cool.

pictures you can hold in your hand are cool.

facebook was a genius idea and has allowed me to get back in touch with some really great people.

facebook is stupid and there are some people that I don't care if I ever see again, let alone be "friends" with.

it's awesome when my kids love playing with the kids of my oldest friends...pitter-patter of my heart.
i need a frozen strawberry lemonade.  Stat.

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