Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Friend At Camp

Zoe is at summer camp.
We pick her up tomorrow morning.
I always wonder if it's like the movie Meatballs.
I hope it is.
I'm optimistic that she has a fantastic time every year she goes.
She never calls...tears.
She can go to camp every summer until she's 18.
In a few years Gigi can go with her.
When Zoe is too old to attend camp we hope that she decides to volunteer there during the summers that she's home from college.
I never went to summer camp.
I take that back...I did go to a local girl scout camp for a weekend and hated every minute of it.
But I got my picture in the paper.
That was cool!
Back to Zoe...
Zoe wouldn't be going to camp if it weren't for the crappy cancer.
But she has it and she goes and we are so ecstatic that this experience is available to her.
To help her feel like she's a regular kid.
Not a kid who has a peach-pit sized bulge in the middle of her chest from a port.
Not a kid who has unnaturally short hair.
Not a kid who gets chemo five days after camp is over.
When we dropped her off I took a picture of her outside her cabin.
A thing I do.
This year she is in Heron Cabin.
Last year was Proctor.
When I came home and looked over the two pictures I had taken that morning I noticed a "light" next to her.
Setting the scene now...
It was warm that morning.
I didn't use a flash.
We were in a partially wooded area and there was a car parked not too far away.
It's a strange finding on the film.
This light looks friendly to me, though.
Someone may be with her at camp.
Ready to watch over her and see that she enjoys herself.
I don't know who it could be.
But I felt better knowing she wasn't alone.

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