Friday, June 8, 2012

Country Summer

Summer in the country means...

Listening for the speedway in Macon to get underway.
We can hear the roar of the race car engines humming through the trees and down the highway.

Grilling, eating corn on the cob, gobbling up grandpa's homemade ice cream.

Having friends over to swim in the pool, eat sorbet, drink sangria.

Anticipating the first fawn sighting.  We have seen the does coming out more at dusk and after it rains.  Always in the same areas where the babies eventually show up.  I am betting on two sets of babies this year.  One behind the barn and one in the north field. 

Watching the butterflies and bumblebees crowding around the coneflowers and the catmint. 

Cooling off in the creek after a hike through the woods.  Throwing rocks in for the dogs that they can never find.

Sending Zoe off for her second year at Camp COCO and knowing she will have a fabulous time even though she doesn't call me...sigh.

Enjoying these kids and watching their faces light up by the wonders of nature that they are lucky enough to have right outside their back door. 

A grande time in the country.

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