Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What A Week!

What a week it's been.
And it's only Wednesday!

I have one of them busted blood vessels in my left eye.
So nasty.
Looks like a worm has taken hold of my sclera and moved in.
So, so nasty.

I forgot to wear a bra when I picked Zoe up from school today.
Had to carry Gigi all the way to the front door and back to the car.
She's heavy.

I cleaned out the girls' closet.
Hauled three bags of junk to the garbage cans.
I think I threw out my cervical spine.

I learned that our cat Popcorn is a killer.
He may have indeed killed that rat the other morning.
I have found a dismembered and mostly vanished of parts rabbit and bird in the back pasture by the silo.
That seems to be his dumping spot.
It's right inside the gate so it's the first thing you step on when entering the horse/goat area.
Thanks so much Popcorn!
I love the feeling of squishy entrails on the soles of my crocs.

Some more uplifting things have been presented to us this week, too.

A group called Journey4Acure on the East Coast has a program called iPads4Cancer .
They get funding and donations from individuals and companies and buy iPads and send them to kids with cancer.
They have a long list of children who have been struggling with childhood cancer and they are getting enough funding in the next few weeks to send an iPad to every child on the list!
I'm not sure how many kids are on the list, but I believe it's substantial.
Zoe is one of those kids.
I haven't told her and I'm not going to.
It should probably be here within the next 5 weeks.
She's going to go bonkers when she opens the box!
I hope she lets me borrow it.

Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation is a Chicago group that grants wishes to children in Illinois (northern and central Illinois) that have childhood cancer.
Last year they sent Zoe a bunk bed through their Bear Hugs Program.
That bunk bed has been a huge hit with Zoe and her sister since they share a room.
Zoe has 4,124 stuffed animals on the top bunk with a reading lamp and a fan.
Gigi has 2,681 stuffed animals on the bottom bunk and live cat named Tiger who sleeps there all day.
Bear Necessities also receives baseball tickets donated to them from companies and individuals on occasion for White Sox and Cubs games.
We are on the list for Sox tickets.
This coming Monday we are heading north to watch the Sox play Detroit from some very cushy seats in a fancy schmancy club box behind home plate. 
This kid is never going to want to sit in a regular seat again!
I may not either because there's a private bathroom in the club box.
A Private Toilet!
At A Baseball Game!

There are so many great people who have started organizations that help children get over the bad days when they are trudging through the effects of chemo and radiation while they fight cancer.
Many of these organizations (including the two mentioned above) were started by mothers who lost their children to cancer.
I thank those mothers who want to shine a bit of sun in the lives of other children who are still bravely fighting the fight.
Ponies, bunk beds, and baseball games aren't the answer to any of Zoe's problems.
They just help her get through something that she should have never had to endure.
Her sun is still shining brightly and we are grateful.  

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