Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Concert Pianist

I had a piano recital once.
Just once.
I started playing when I was maybe 12 and I think I stopped when I was 13.
My recital was in the music store where I took lessons.
I had picked out "Endless Love" to play.
The movie that was not appropriate for me to see at that age, but I had, and who doesn't love Lionel Richie?

So, when Zoe was 5 years old we began looking into piano lessons for her.
Surely it would be easier to learn music at a younger age than I had feebly tried in 1983.
But, leukemia came along and we held off.
More important things to do.
But, last Fall her father walked across the campus of Millikin University where he works to sign her up for piano lessons with Hue Jeong Jang.
Zoe has always said she wants to play.
Our piano looms large in our dining room and needs attention.
And her brain needs extra stimulation because of the trauma it's enduring.

Last night Zoe had her first of I hope many, many piano recitals.
She was the first player on the roster.
She didn't miss a note.
This was her premier recital so she played with her teacher Hue.

There's another recital in the coming Fall of 2012.
She's going to try going solo for that one.  
We are very proud of her because she has accomplished so much while enduring so much.    
I hope her sister decides for the next recital that she doesn't have to go pee as soon as her sister starts playing as she did last night.  
A quick rush to the toilet AFTER Zoe had finished, Gigi was then quiet and sat on the floor in front of her father twinkling the ivories of her imaginary piano on the rung of the chair in front of her.
I'm sure she'll be taking piano lessons in another three years as well.  

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