Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When? What? I Don't Remember...

Forgetting things is my forte.
Without lists, I would forget that I need anything and need to go places.
I would forget that every Tuesday at 10:30 Gigi has dance class.
I would forget that every Saturday Zoe has dance at 10:00.
Every week.
But if I don't write it down on an actual paper calender, it's non-existent.
I must write down things right away if we run out of them onto a piece of paper.
Otherwise I would be at the store and buy only cheesy breads and ice cream, forgetting all about the milk for the children and the toilet paper for our arses.

There are things I forget every single day...

my bra size...is it 36B?  Or 38B?  C?  Was that only when I was pregnant or am I still a C?  No clue.

the time...I pick up Zoe every day from school and leave the house at 2:30.  If I didn't look at the clock every five minutes I would have no clue when to get her.  And she would be that kid sitting on the curb, with puppy dog eyes because her mother forgot her.  Again.

this isn't something I forgot to do, Chad forgot and I don't forgive him to this day...he forgot to give Vince Vaughn my phone number when he was filming The Breakup in Chicago and Chad was watching some filming.  He didn't even try!!  What kind of husband does that, I say?!  Forget that?  Never.

stain removal...is it a cold water soak to get out chocolate or a dab of alcohol?  Or is that for ink?  I don't remember and am too lazy to hang some chart on my wall (which would be tacky anyway, so I ain't gonna do it!).  Just put a pin over that stain or move your tie a little to the left all day, JUST DO IT!

my wedding anniversary...don't ask me why.  One year I marked it on the calendar (cause you know, that's what I do) and wrote it on the wrong date and only noticed like a day before.  Maybe it goes back to the Vince Vaughn incident.  

There's the regular stuff like forgetting I've put food into the oven unless the timer is set.
Sorry about the burned bunny cookies, girls. 
I have been known to forget to feed pets.
I've also forgotten to pick up Zoe's medication from the pharmacy.
All because it wasn't written down. 

As I get older I know it will get worse.
I see it just trying to have a conversation with my parents.
My future.
Of forgetting.
I know you'll be there with me, though.
It's part of the big plan, isn't it?
I think...
I may have forgotten to put her in a bed,
so this is where she slept 


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