Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My March Inspiration is about cousins.

My cousins have been insurmountable in their support of our daughter since her cancer diagnosis in 2010, so have their children.
They have come through with flying colors, thinking of her and the rest of our small family in ways I never thought imaginable.
My cousins that I am closest with and with whom I owe a great deal of gratitude are...


and Malissa.

They are from different sides of my family, but when a tragedy strikes, everyone unites and it's been a very special thing for me to see and the unity has been heartfelt.

They have (somewhat fearfully) stepped up to the plate for me today.
We have a tree decorated in Central Park (DAAC Tree Huggers) that is going to be part of a local PBS show, Illinois Stories.
The host would like to talk to a few people about their trees and he wants to talk to us about our tree and why it's decorated with childhood cancer awareness information.
He wants to highlight Zoe and Jake as well.
To show childhood cancer has a face.
Two faces.
Two friends.
I can't be in the park today to talk to PBS about childhood cancer or Zoe and Jake.
Zoe has a spinal tap today.
Chad and I are with her at the hospital.
We are living with our daughter today what our tree represents.
So, my voice is now my cousins' voice.
They will spread the word for me.
For childhood cancer awareness.
For Zoe and Jake.
And I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
I'll let you know when the show will air.
I can't wait!

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