Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Some things I have noticed lately...

As I'm about to enter my 41st year on this earth, my body (instead of being something I know through and through) has started to become a foreign national to me... 

I sweat more.

Hair is sprouting up in strange spots and Chad and I are really starting to look alike because of it.

My underwear size has gone from bikini to brief and let me tell you, there's nothing brief about what I'm shoving into that stretchy fabric. 

I have a toenail that got destroyed in college when it was constantly shoved into pointe shoes.  COME ON TOENAIL!  It's been 20 years and you are still acting like an ass!  

I have decided this spring to wear more color.  I'll still hold onto the grays and blacks that have been my friends since 1986, but if you see something that resembles a sherbet parade float heading your way, don't be scared.  It's just me in my new yellow pants and teal tank-top. 

Speaking of tank-tops, I love them, but am lazy about my arms and they probably should not be in a tank-top.  I have a friend who does Crossfit and she puts my arms to shame. She puts everyone to shame.  Thanks Dianna.  So, if you see a sherbet parade float with mud flaps, it's once again, just me.  

My daughter is losing her hair.  Again.  I was thinking about growing my hair out and haven't cut it in quite a while, but will probably cut it short again in solidarity of my bald girl.  It's just hair and as we tell her, it will grow back.  Sometimes looks aren't always what's top on this girl's list.  

So, if you see a sweaty, hairy, flappy, sherbet, big briefed and toenail-less, short-haired lady coming...wave.

It's just me.


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