Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holy Hackensack!

Holy Toledo! 
The grass is so high already!
We are going to have to bust out the mowers this weekend before we lose a cat in the yard. 
It's becoming a jungle. 
Lola the fertilizing dog makes the grass grow higher in some areas.   
And it's only March.
We never have to mow in March.
It's so un-Illinois like.
I fear for the summer.
It's going to be 120 degrees.
It's going to be a replay of our July Vegas wedding where people were heard screaming, "my eyes are burning out of my head!" 
It's not going to be pretty, folks.
And Holy Toledo.
Why Toledo?
The guy who started that saying (according to Wikipedia) was an Oakland sportscaster named Bill King.
Was he from Toledo?
Why not Holy Oakland?
Holy Billings?
Holy Hackensack?
Holy Laredo?
Well, anyway...
Holy Hackensack!
It's going to be a sizzlin' summer.
Don't lose your cats in the grass!

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