Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Try To

The Holidays are amongst us so try to...

Calm down!
Who cares if your kid doesn't have the biggest and most expensive gifts out there.
Too much off a "good" thing can backfire on you.

Spend time with your kids making dinner at home or playing games
instead of spending time at the mall buying them stuff.

Have intimate holiday gatherings.  
We make candy at our house every December (had to skip last year, though)
and it's something that we have done as a recognition of our past and
what our grandparents did for us that we are passing along to the next generations.

Make Holiday Cards now instead of in December. 
Heck, don't do them at all if it's too stressful.

Remember those that have been generous with their heart to your family. 
Send them something small for the holidays; popcorn, homemade cookies, a gift card. 
It will bring a surprise and a smile.

Have your kids do activities together.
Make holiday crafts and hang them up every season until they are old and yellowed.  

Remember that your children are young only once and it's
not what you give them, in terms of tangible objects,
but rather what you give them from your heart and soul
every single day that matters most.  

Get your butts outside even if the weather is cold and bristly.
Discover the natural world during the winter months.  
The footprints in the snow and the birds eating at the feeder.   
It makes coming in for hot chocolate that much more exciting.


There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. 
There are seven million. 
~Walt Streightiff

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