Friday, November 4, 2011

These Walls...

I spend my days at home.
Looking at the same walls day in and day out.
I think what a person has on their walls speaks volumes about them.  
My friend Tina has GREAT walls.  I envy her walls. 
 Here's a sampling of my surroundings...  

The past is around in both the artwork that was handed down to us
(this painting has been in this same spot on this same wall for decades, for real)...

as well as the photographs of family descendants whose names have been lost. 

I must defer for a moment and also state what is not on my walls,
well the majority of my walls anyway.
Curtain rods holding bulky panels of fabric that block my views.  

My walls hold coats and clocks.

A still life painted and framed sit besides
masterpieces from the arts and crafts movement.


My walls also hold stains and cracked paint.
I cannot divulge what room the cracked paint resides in,
but I must ask that you use the restroom before visiting.

I have baby announcements to remind us of the surprise
and anxiousness of bringing little ones into this world.

I have memories of my own past so that my future may read them and smile as I did.

We have walls full of love and encouragement for a child who is battling cancer.

We have the works of famed painter Laura B McKeown

Calendars and school notes that I walk past everyday
and constantly look at to remind myself of what each
day has in store for me and my posse.


Glue and markers and construction paper abound. 
Sitting atop old tape marks from past works,
soon to be replaced by something more exciting.


And in the middle of it all is the Hall of Photos. 
Where our path unfolds before you.

What do your walls say about you?

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