Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's hard to see Zoe hobbling around on one foot.
She can't run.
She can't dance.
She can't do much.

It's sad.
I try not to let it get us all down.

She had a night of crying recently and she was still wondering "why do I have to have cancer?"
Her buddy Jake is in a much worse state right now.
Both situations are heart breaking and they are dumbfounding.

We still wake up daily asking "why?"
We still go to bed daily asking "when will it be over?"
We still linger with the thoughts "will it ever be over?"

It's a hard thing to live with everyday.
Be thankful our life is not your life.

Remember to be nice to your kids.
Remember to give them extra hugs.
Remember to sit with them and engage with them.
Remember all of this because you never know.
You never know what your tomorrow may bring.

It may not bring cancer.
It may bring something else life altering.

You don't want to wake up with your own version of questions..."why didn't I...?" 

And if your tomorrow is always uneventful and normal and dull.


This holiday season, why not donate to Curesearch
for Zoe, Jake and countless other children?
I know I will... 

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