Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jon Katz

There's this author that I really like.
His name is Jon Katz.
I think he's my parents' age.
He's not handsome.
He's not super rich. 
He's a bit cynical.
He likes his privacy.
He can be a bit crabby.
But he's very honest in his writing.
I have only one of his books.
Dog's about a man and his new farm and his dogs.
Very inspiring. 
It's his blog that I admire.
He has a way of opening up and saying how he feels and he's not afraid if his thoughts and ideals are going to offend you.
He is done caring how YOU feel.
I need to get on that band wagon...I'm almost there. 
He seems to have had some mental health issues a few years ago. 
Got lost and let the world bring him down.
He's much more intuitive now and feels more at peace with his life.
He takes one of his dogs on hospice visits.
I really like his line of thinking. 
I've written him a few emails and told him how I really "get him" and he's been considerate enough to email me back. 
He didn't have to and I certainly didn't think he ever would, but he did.
And I like him even more because of it.
If you like dogs.
If you like photography.
If you like farms and farm animals.
If you like the simple way of life.
If you like compassion for others.
If you like no nonsense talk.

Check out Bedlam Farm  
Buy one of his books.

Jon Katz is a super cool guy.
But he doesn't believe it.
That's the kind of guy he is...

Jon Katz's dog Lenore on Bedlam Farm

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