Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Up and At 'Em...

I now live on "farmer hours."
Well, a modified version really.
I think true farmers are up at 5am or earlier.
I am more of a 6-6:15am farmer.
Up to see the low lying haze on the pasture and wooded outcrops.
Up to see the dew on the grass.
To dodge invisible cob webs that seem to string themselves right in the walking paths to the barn...ugh.
I don't dodge well. 
Up to feed the goats and kittens.
To open the barn doors so that they may go out and romp and graze.
To climb trees and tumble in the dirt as they show one another who's boss.
Goats head butting and kittens prowling. It's a wonderful way to wake up each day.
The girls wander out around 7am to see what's going on. 
To kiss the kittens and scratch Tulip and Yogurt between the ears.  
Then mom can go in and have her coffee... 

The heat is a bit unbearable. I can't imagine what it's like
having a fur coat on during this oven-like weather we are having.
This morning there was a nice breeze. It made the goats a bit more giddy, I think.
They were running and bounding and head butting away.
I am highly anticipating the Fall weather that will be coming.
I hope we don't have an Indian Summer. I'm ready for coolness. As is most of this country.
The farm animals are too, I suppose.

Now, if that darn pony would just get here.
Then our barn would be full.

Content and full.

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