Monday, June 27, 2011

Trek Ahead

I need a vacation.
I have a hankerin' to go on a road trip.
I'm jonesing for a change of scenery.
I need to drive somewhere far away and see new sights.
I need us to get out of this rut we have been forced into by cancer.
I want to drive West.
I want to drive East.
North and South.
I want to sit on the beach and watch the girls dig in the sand.
I want to see a mountain emerge from around a bend in the road and for my whole family to stop and say "whoa."

Damn you Facebook and your photo sharing capabilities.
I see others on vacation and I turn green.
Being jealous doesn't get me on the road, though.
But maybe it will kick me in the pants and get me moving.
Moving to plan a trip irregardless of what cancer is saying.
Impromptu isn't exactly in our vocabulary right now.
Screw You Cancer, we are heading out on the road!
Sure, we will bring you along in terms of pill vials, thermometers, and updated medical paperwork.
But we will have a good time and try to be the family that we should be.
I don't know if my dreams of a trek will come to fruition. 
Maybe yes, maybe no.

Now, where did I put that map?    

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