Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't mean to be on a rant about complainers, but I was once again reminded that people can be selfish and whiny...

Dance Class

Sitting on a bench minding my own business, looking at emails on my iPhone, the following conversations were overheard...

"Why isn't the teacher going to dance onstage with the girls?  She really needs to do that!  What if they forget what they are supposed to do?!"

"This class is really interfering with our softball games!  Why is this recital so late?  Why is it in June?  Ugh!"

"We totally forgot about the dress rehearsal last week.  We have been sooooo busy!" 

"Complain, Complain, Complain!"
"Why Me, Why Me Why Me?"
"Blah, Blah, Noise, Noise, Noise!"

Let's see, mothers who are complaining and who I hear complain every year about the same things...

The girls in class are 6-7 years old now.  They are more than capable of dancing onstage by themselves.  Does the softball coach run around the bases with them? 
If YOU haven't had them practice the dance at home and THAT'S why they don't know what they are supposed to be doing, whose problem is it now?  Your child's problem that was created by you.  It's called respect and accountability. 

The recital is every June.  Always is.  If you don't like having conflicts with softball, don't sign up for dance or softball. 

You forgot about dress rehearsal?  How can you when a note is given to your child every week for 3 weeks before dress rehearsal reminding you when dress rehearsal is!

I am at my wit's end with disorganized, grumbling, complaining parents who think the only people who are busy are themselves. 

Take a moment to STOP - LOOK AROUND - SLOW DOWN.  

If I can get it together, why can't you? 

Not that anyone talks to me anymore at dance class. 
Once you have a kid with cancer, people who you used to be able to casually communicate with don't know what to say to you and shut you out.  

I guess it's all for the better.
I think I'll start going to dance class next year with ear buds in. 
Less distraction from all of the noise... 

Some days, we just need to turn the quiet up. ~Dr. SunWolf

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