Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not For The Squeamish - You Have Been Warned...

I'm going to make this post short, but there's nothing sweet about it...

Life with a toddler and a dog who goes by instinct only is rough.
Life with a toddler who is learning to poo in the toilet and a dog who goes by instinct only can be disgusting.

Incident number one:

Gigi is outside in a dress with nothing on underneath.  
She's supposed to tell us if she needs to go to the potty.
She's found naked, smeared in something brown.
When I ask her "what happened to you?" she responds with "I go poo poo outside like Lola!"
My next response is "Chad, get the hose out!"

Incident number two:

Gigi is sitting in the living room on her portable plastic potty seat.
She has a poo in the potty!
She and I rush to the bathroom to do the whole wipin' thing.
We return to the living room approximately 1 minute later.
Poo is gone.
Lola is licking her chops.

So, when you feel like your life has gone to crap, just remember...

mine actually has.  


Gotta go.  Gigi is wearing underwear and is in the living room on the rug.

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