Saturday, June 18, 2011

Purr and Whiskers...

I don't usually talk about the felines who live with us.  I don't know why.  They are a very integral part of our daily lives.  They sleep with us, talk with us and are great comforts to us.  I don't understand people who don't like cats.  It's very odd to me.  They aren't demanding like a dog and sometimes you don't even know they are there. 
Sounds like the perfect pet to me.

Cats have always been a part of my life.

While in college I acquired my first "on my own" cat. 
His name was Jack (Jackson Montgomery was his official title.)
 I had him for seventeen years before cancer took him from us. 


Molly came next. 
She was Jack's partner and a real lady. 
I had her for close to fifteen years before
congestive heart failure took her from us. 

When I married Chad, he brought two cats into the mix.  Moe and Tiger. 
Moe was awesome.  He had a torn ear and grovely meow. 
He loved to sit in your lap even though he was far from being the size of a lap cat.  Complications from diabetes took him from us after seven years. 

Tiger has always been a strong willed cat.  Does his own thing. 
He's still with us, thirteen and going strong.    

Then there was Abe Froman.  A cat found in a box in an alley in Chicago. 
He was about four hundred years old and toothless when we got him. 
We only had him for about 8 months before cancer took him from us. 
 He was one-of-a-kind.  We will never forget him. 

All of our cats tolerated our dog Madison very well. 
Madison was almost cat-like himself since
he was raised with them from puppyhood. 

The cats we have now tolerate Lola as well. 
She likes to chase and pester the cats by nosing them,
but they tolerate her until a good swipe sends her running away.

The dog may be wonderful prose,
but only the cat is poetry. ~French Proverb

Tiger has always been a big cat and has never liked to be picked up. 
Because of this I wanted Zoe to have a cat that she could carry around. 
Not long after we moved to the farm, she and I went to
the Humane Society and adopted a cat.  
Four months old, black and white. 
Don Diego is his moniker.  He's a dandy cat. 
Very talkative and loves to sleep on someone's head at night. 

Tiger and Don are great buddies.

Kit Cat is our most recent addition.  She was found in our barn a few years ago.  Just a little thing, probably five months old. 
She ran right up to me when I shook a bowl of kibble. 
There was no coaxing involved.  She wanted to be in our home.  I knew it. 
She went to live with our cousin Joyce in Missouri briefly. 
When Joyce moved to Illinois and couldn't keep
the cat in her new retirement home, we gladly took
Kit Cat back and she is by far the best cat I have ever had. 

She catches mice.
She lets Gigi carry her around (sometimes by the neck).
She loves Tiger and Don.
She loves to snuggle in your lap at night when everything is quiet. 

I truly believe having a cat sleeping with Zoe has helped
 her to ease some of her pain, both physically and emotionally. 

It helps to have 100% cat contentment in a home.

A meow massages the heart. ~Stuart McMillan


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