Friday, May 6, 2011

Farm Country...

Farm Update...

Zoe has been getting more and more familiar with horses. 
She got her first pair of real cowgirl boots this week and
went riding at a stable by our home. 

She loved it! 

 I think she's going to take to her new pony like a horse to hay. 
 We have been getting promising calls from Make*A*Wish and
I'm getting both really excited and a wee bit scared
about this future endeavour we are tackling. 

All for Zoe...I must remind myself of that...all for Zoe.     

  Chad and my dad have been working on the inside of the barn. 
This area is where the pony and goats will live while inside. 
They need to get some walls up, but this is progress from what it had looked like! 

 They put up a fence that goes around the perimeter of
our back yard...what we call the pasture. 
This should keep the goats and pony in and
hopefully will keep the coyotes out. 
If we have problems with critters trying to get in or out of this fence,
then we may have to put up an electrical line around the top. 
I'm thinking solar powered.   

 Everyone has been getting into the horse mood...

 Spring has finally arrived on the farm. 
 The rain has stopped (knocking on wood)
and the girls have been able to get
outside and enjoy the yard.

 As has Lola...

I received an application for buying goats from our zoo. 
Could this little one be coming to our farm this year? 
OMG, I hope so!
 Isn't that the cutest thing ever?

Things are coming together down on the farm. 
 It's an exciting time for all of us.

Hope to see you soon...

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