Sunday, April 10, 2016

Crying over Cheap Trick

I was watching the band Cheap Trick perform on national television a few mornings ago. 
And I began to cry. 
Not big slobbery tears. 
Just enough tearing in the eyeball cavities to blur the screen out. 
And I thought to myself, why in the hell am I crying?!
Then I remembered that I got the watery eyeball thing the day before when I was watching a 30 second online video of a dog and a duck who are friends. 
More moments started popping into my mind of me crying over things.
A video of a older man who visited the bench he dedicated to his deceased wife at the park. 
A photo of a man giving a homeless man a new pair of sneakers.
The Facebook video of my friend Kelly walking down Main Street at Disney World after having a stroke 10 months prior.

But they were all happy tears. 

I've found that I don't normally cry at life events that, I guess, I should me crying at.
Dog died.
Daughter diagnosed with cancer. 
On that last one I got mad. 

As I began to think about the teary episodes that occur in my life, it seems that happiness makes my eyes wet. 
Maybe peri-menopause is happening. 
Maybe I just need to be reminded that happiness still occurs in this world full of terrorism, poverty, war, tornadoes, and childhood cancer deaths.
Maybe my soul aches for joy and inspiration, triumph over adversity, love over hate. 

I don't know what's happening really. 
I do know I've always had a hard exterior. 
And that that hard exterior has started to harden my insides a bit, too. 
As I've gotten older my insides are melting a bit I guess. 
I'm sure my outsides will stay tough.

Cheap Trick is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.  
I'm no die hard Cheap Trick fan by any means. 
But the joy the crowd had for these aged rockers was great to see. 
Rockers who still sounded amazing, who were blessed with amazing talents, and who still love what they do. 
That was happiness.  
People clapping and singing and smiling for music. 
It made me happy. 
It made me cry. 
This tough gal cried over Cheap Trick. 
I hope no one shows me a video of a cow rescued from a barn fire and it's now blind and is lead around by a seeing-eye dog. 
I'll be a hot mess!

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  1. I love that you are willing to share you view of the world with us through this blog and IG! :)