Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Girl Goes To The Doctor...

I went to a doctor appointment on Monday.
And the fact that I even called to make an appointment is a pretty big deal for me. 
I don't like going to the doctor.
But that's another story. 
I haven't been in many years. 
I'll be 45 next month. 
Well, like I said, I went to a doctor appointment on Monday.
Chad and I had a doctor a while back. 
Then Zoe got sick. 
And we had other things on our minds. 
When your kid has cancer, all of your energies goes into making that child better. 
All of you. 
And then the doctor we had seen retired. 
And our kid was still sick. 
And we just didn't think about going to the doctor ourselves. 
Finding a new physician is a hassle. 
We are just fine, I said this often to reassure myself that I didn't need a doctor. 
We eat pretty good. 
Chad rides his bike to work when it's warm outside. 
But then, I tried exercising. 

My friend Dawn goes to the Athletic Club in town. 
She is really fun and if I went to The Club, too, I could hang out with her on a more regular basis. 
She has a very busy work schedule so meeting at The Club would be great. 
So, I got a free week pass last year. 
And she and I met for spin class. 
I had never done spin class, but I figured I could do it as I did know how to ride a bike. 
It can't be that hard, right?
And she said the teacher turned the lights down in the class which made me feel a lot better. 
So, I went. 
And we spun. 
And I managed to not fall off of the bike nor did I fall over when I got off of the bike. 
It was a win-win for me. 
I felt good!
I felt energized!
I told her I would see her the next day!
At The Club!

Chad was hesitant about me going back to The Club so soon. 
"Give it a day, rest your body, dear" he said. 
"I'll be fine" I replied. 
Dawn had us signed up for a core, interval, strength something or other class the next day. 
She told me "you can do it!  There are 60 year old ladies in the class! We'll modify the moves!"
So I went. 
And we modified. 
And boy, that was some class!
I felt good afterwards. 
Then I got in the car. 
And felt really hot. 
And I couldn't catch my breath. 
I had to go to work at the school playground. 
I'll be fine. 
I just need some water. 
I got to the playground and managed to get through kindergarten and first grade recess. 
But, I felt like I needed to throw up. 
I went into the office and told them I didn't feel well and needed to leave. 
(The school principal later told me that I did look horrible and after I left she thought she should have driven me home!)
Once I got home I barfed. 
And called my mom to ask her to pick up the girls from school because I was sick and needed to sleep. 
Which I did. 
When Chad got home from work he scolded me for going to that class at The Club. 
"You never listen to me" he chided.
"Yes dear. I'm sorry dear."
Gigi told me that exercise just wasn't my thing. 

Many months after that class I came down with a horrible cough. 
I annoyed everyone for months with my TB-style hacking. 
My friend Mark is still regretting inviting me along on that road trip to Omaha. 
I never seemed to be able to catch my breath. 
But, I never did go to the doctor. 

So, Monday I went to my appointment. 
Chad went last Thursday. 
The new doctor we saw just happens to be Zoe's school friend Matt's dad. 
I was just at their house last month talking to Matt's mom about Disney World. 
She was picking my brain about our past trip as they are going in October. 
"Hey, are you taking new patients?" I asked her husband as he sat in his living room recliner. 
So, Monday I went in and got my weight checked. 
My blood pressure measured. 
Things were tested and numbers jotted down. 
And was told I may have allergies or a slight bit of asthma. 
My heart sounded great, as did my lungs. 
My husband was told during his appointment that he has the heart rate of a 20 year old athlete. 
Show off. 
I came out learning that I've shrunk a half inch and I'm officially chubby. 
And that I should probably get a tetanus shot. 
Tomorrow, Chad and I are getting our blood drawn to see what's lurking within. 
Off goes "short and fat" and "the show off" to get our red stuff analyzed. 
Things better not be all goofy with my red stuff. 
Because that's really going to put me off from visiting the good doctor again. 

Stay tuned...

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