Sunday, August 9, 2015

What I Know

I know...

* I want and need to visit a tropical beach
* how to make a pie from scratch 
* what side effects to look for during a blood transfusion 
* how to do a pirouette 
* that my daughter is filled with luck and love
* I like cats more than dogs
* who my truest friends are
* how to x-ray a cat's skull
* what intrathecal methotrexate is
* that I adore the Bravo channel
* that I'm not ashamed of that
* that I jokingly like to give my husband a hard time about his metal detector 
* that he knows that
* how to cut off a dog's head and mail it at the post office 
* how to walk in heels 
* how to dance in pointe shoes
* that I really need to take a girls only cruise
* what most of my family's ancestory is
* how to take a good picture of my dogs and kids
* that dogs and kids are always in motion
* how to make rich and gooey brownies that aren't from a box
* that my family is living it's second chance
* how to be nice
* how to be distant 
* how to be sincere
* how to pick the crud out of a horse's hoof
* that I adore pad thai
* that I'll never like mushrooms
* how to set up an IV pump
* that my all time favorite movie is A Room With A View 
* my favorite animated flick is My Neighbor Totoro
* how to whip up a kick-ass peanut sauce
* that I'm never going to master a french braid
* how to play one song on the piano
* that there's still so much that I don't know

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