Sunday, August 2, 2015

To Know Love

I'm going to try the "Blog A Day" writing challenge that BlogHer does every month.
They used to do it only once a year, and I did it a few years ago. 
I haven't been on the site for a while, but when I went on the other day I read that they are doing new challenges monthly. 
Each month has a word or phrase for the writer to think about and then post daily writings on. 
The month of August is the word KNOW. 
I'm going to take the challenge. 

I'm a day late. 
I was at a family wedding yesterday. 
But that family wedding is a good way to start my daily August blog posts. 

My cousin Kourtnie got married yesterday. 
Love found her and leapt into her heart. 
And never let go. 
She married a man she met a few years ago through some friends and they are completely and madly smitten with one another. 
They want to start a life and family together. 
They see one another as a perfect balance for the other. 
Each said in their vows that the love and kindness the other emits makes them a better person. 
And they are different races. 

That tiny fact never mattered to them. 
They see beyond color and instead see character. 
They see a person's heart and not the skin color that surrounds that heart. 
They can see into the eyes of a soul and aren't halted by an exterior hue. 

They are perfect for each other. 
And perfect for our extended family. 
A family that hasn't always been open to change. 
My grandfather wasn't always the most welcoming to people he perceived as different than himself. 
His generation saw those that were different as those they should fear. 
Our family has needed to see that a person isn't to be judged by their exterior. 
But to know that a good heart and a caring spirit always, always win the girl. 
Current and future generations have thrown the old misconceived thoughts of race in the garbage. 
My daughter Zoe and the groom's niece Brooklyn were two of the four flower girls. 
(Gigi was also a flower girl with cousin Gabby)

Zoe and Brooklyn were like two peas in a pod last night. 
Two ten year old girls that giggled and danced the night away. 
Never seeing that their skin color was different. 
But knowing a new friend when it presented itself. 
A new generation showing the spirit of the heart. 
Because we know love 

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  1. Glad you are talking about this and Congrats to the new husband & wife!