Sunday, August 16, 2015

Leaving Darth Vader Alone

I follow a blog called Trail Mix.
It's authored by Deborah Rahalski. 
She's a mom of two girls, like myself.
Only her daughters are older than mine. 
And her youngest is leaving home to begin college life in Tokyo. 
I thought our rule of "you must go to college at least an hour away from home" would be daunting when the time came. 
Which, luckily for me, won't happen for many, many years yet, as my oldest daughter is starting 5th grade this September. 
We have so...much..time. 
Or do we?
I've heard it's going to fly by.
I guess it already has. 
Zoe is going to be eleven years old in February and I remember like it was yesterday...Chad and I high-fiving one another when we got to her 1st birthday and we celebrated that we had remembered to feed her every day. 

Knowing that time is fleeting. 
That we are living on our second chance, I try to be casual about life.
Like this. 

When I look into the girls' shared bedroom and I can't see the floor. 
I can't see the floor for the mess. 
The mess of psychedelic colored ponies, shrunken Disney Princes, and various teeny hats and wheels scattered over the beautiful 100 year old hardwood floors. 
I sigh. 
And remind them "this does need to be picked up so you can get to your bunk bed."
And they respond "yeeeeees mother!"
But, it's still there. 
And I said those words to them yesterday. 
Darth Vader still sits amongst the troll dolls and pigs wearing dresses. 
I have to remind myself that this won't last forever. 
And one day they may move to Tokyo. 

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