Thursday, August 13, 2015

Knowing When Summer Is Over

My kids are craving structure. 
We have 3 more weeks of summer to go before school begins. 
Other schools in our area go back next week. 
But our district is constructing new buildings and *fingers crossed* they should be completed by Labor Day.
So, we start school September 8th.
Which is what happened back in my day. 
School always resumed in early September and let out for summer break in early June. 
But these kids. 
They are getting bored. 
Of me. 
Of each other. 
Of being outside. 
Of the pool. 
Of Minecraft on the iPad. 
They want to go to school.
They want to see their friends.
They want to learn about Native American tribes. 
They want to do book reports. 
They want to eat in the school cafeteria. 
They want out. 
But, we aren't done with summer yet!
I have plans still for them. 
The Sate Fair on Thursday. 
The St. Louis Zoo on a Tuesday. 
Maybe an art museum. 
All when others are at school. 
So it's not crowded.
And they can get their last hurrahs out of the way. 
Before their brains get inundated with common core math and accelerated reading point levels. 
Chad gave them his mini camcorder that we don't use much anymore. 
Because they want to make some movies. 
It's their last summer spark I think. 
And then, it's on to business. 

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