Thursday, August 20, 2015

Illinois State Fair

It's time for the Illinois State Fair, so we drove over today. 

It's a 45 minute drive for us. 
My parents came with the girls and myself. 
Poor Chad had to work and missed seeing the butter cow and butter farmer. 

We live on a small farm, but I never miss seeing farm animals at the state fair. 
We saw animals that we don't keep on our homestead. 
Cows (which are my favorite!), sheep, and pigs. 

The girls milked a cow...

This gal is this year's Grand Champion cow and she just wanted her head rubbed all day long. 

Gigi made friends with a pig. 
The pigs were very talkative when approached. 

The sheep barn was having a judging and many of the contestants were getting prepped for the big show.

The kids like all of the activities and rides that the State Fair offers. 
Rock climbing. 
Carnival rides. 
Some jumping thing that soars them up into the clouds. 

One of the first things we did was head to the Illinois State Police tent and outfitted Gigi with a wrist band. 
It had her name and my cell number and the trooper told her that if she got lost today, to look for the police officers in the big brown hats and they would help her. 

We had some cozy dogs, french fries, deep friend brownies, shrimp on a stick, an apple cider slushy. 

The weather was ideal. 
The crowds were low. 
It was a great day at the Illinois State Fair. 

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