Sunday, August 23, 2015

Going Gold

We go GOLD in September at our house. 
To honor children and to bring awareness for the cause that tore into our lives 5 years ago. 
It will be 5 years on September 7th that our daughter was diagnosed with childhood cancer, leukemia. 

Childhood leukemia is different than adult onset leukemia. 
Childhood leukemia is acute. 
It happens out of nowhere and can kill quickly. 
If our daughter wasn't diagnosed in the time frame that she was, she would have probably died within two or three more weeks. 
Childhood cancers are the #1 disease killers of children in the U.S.  
Childhood cancers aren't one disease. 
They are many. 
Brain tumors. 
Bone cancers. 
Eye cancers. 
Soft tissue cancers. 
The list goes on unfortunately. 
And childhood cancers get the least amount of federal funding. 
Because it's rare. 
Tell that to the thousands of families affected each year. 
The American Cancer Society likes to show pictures of bald children in their ads, but they only give 1 cent for every $1 donated to childhood cancer research. 
Their CEO makes more than they help kids with cancer. 
Children who die from cancer can lose 70 or more years of life. 
Never getting to see their futures. 
They haven't contributed to their disease by smoking or poor lifestyle choices. 
They are just unlucky. 
And they deserve better research. 
Childhood cancers have only had two new drugs made specifically for their growing bodies in the last 30 years. 
Instead, they are given watered down versions of adult drugs. 
So, we help spread awareness. 
With our gold ribbons. 

With our license plate campaign in Illinois.

We donate to research that matters.  
To help fight these diseases. 
Because we know other children aren't as lucky as our child has been. 

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