Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Doing Nothing Is A Skill

My family is at a lake house in Michigan this week with friends.  
We are going to have a week of doing nothing. 

By nothing I mean...

No summer camps. 
No work for my husband. 
Swimming in the lake. 
Jumping off of the pontoon boat. 
Reading books. 
Digging in the sand. 
Bike riding. 
Running with the dog. 

It's hard to do nothing sometimes. 
I don't know how well my kids will cope with the doing nothing. 
Zoe's already wandering around with a glazed look about her. 
She doesn't know what to do. 
Gigi's cleaning out a playhouse shed. 
Chad's in the house with our friends and they are all reading. 
I'm in a lounger in the sun. 
Listening to NPR and reading magazines. 

To know how to do nothing takes persistence. 
In this world of iPads and apps, televisions with 800 channels, long commutes in a car, and telephones that attach directly to our ears, NOTHING has become lost. 
I think Zoe's getting it. 
The doing nothing is starting to permeate. 
She's helping her sister in the shed right now. 

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