Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Typical Tuesday

I like to take random photos of my family. 
Not just posed shots where "everyone is smiling and heads are up and both feet are on the ground, stop wiggling!"
But real life moments. 
Captured forever. 
Or if I look like I have three chins, then quickly deleted. 
I hope my children will one day look at these everyday events that I have saved for them and remember our journey together. 

This picture says many things to me. 
It was taken on a recent Tuesday. 
We met my husband at the university where he works to eat dinner. 
This happens most weeks. 
Then the girls have piano lessons across campus. 

Zoe had some math homework that she brought with her. 
My husband is Math Man in our house. 
I'll help you with your spelling. 
They sat together discussing the problems at hand. 
He's a very hands on father. 
A father who never wastes a moment with his children.  
He seems a bit tired and is working hard on concentrating. 
Fourth grade math can be a doozy in the 21st century. 

And look way in the back of the photo. 
At the tall tables. 
The girl who has a lot of anxiety in new and stressful situations. 
But who feels very comfortable at this university. 
And she often likes to take her dinner and will eat alone on the other side of the room from us. 
To feel her need for independance warms my heart. 
She and I are a lot alike. 
We are loud and energetic and independent. 

My family. 
In a photograph. 

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