Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hope And Dreams At Age Ten

When you have a baby you have big dreams for that child. 
Hopes and dreams take over your life. 
Feeder of starving children. 
Genius doctor. 
Juilliard musician.
You never think that those dreams will be sidelined by disease. 

When Zoe was born ten years ago today I had those dreams. 
And I still have those dreams. 
Because disease did not steal her from us. 
It made her strong. 
She fought back. 
Determined to live this life she was given. 
And we remind her not to take it for granted. 
Three years ago today she said goodbye to her friend Jake. 
Who also had cancer. 
On her birthday she was at the funeral for her friend who fought just as hard as she fought. 
But his disease was too much. 
And we will forever curse brain cancer for taking him from all of us. 
And she will continue to live her life for him. 
Dreams continue in her heart and actions. 

This morning I hugged her and whispered in her ear "thanks for staying with us."
Tears came to her eyes because she knows how things could have been.
And she knows what she needs to do. 
Hope and dreams. 
They keep us going...

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  1. Beautiful! (Just like the birthday girl and her mama!)