Monday, January 12, 2015

The Boobs

Do you ever see something and you're so dumbstruck that you become speechless?
And you should probably say something about what you're seeing, but you can't?
You can't because you can't stop staring. 
And then you can't say anything because you're trying not to look at what you were just staring at. 

I was staring at boobs today. 
Inappropriate boobs. 
In the school gym. 
And, let me tell you, I wasn't the only one staring. 
Lots of short people had a great view of the boobs. 
Which was when I had to look away. 
All of the little sets of eyes staring. 
Just staring. 
At the boobs. 
Of my co-worker.
A sub. 
Did she not get a dress code review?
Oh wait, there's not one. 
But there is this...
common sense. 
You are employed to watch 5-8 year old children. 
In a gym. 
A small gym. 
And yes, it can get hot in the gym. 

But common sense states this...
-when your internal body temperature exceeds a comfortable level, do not, I REPEAT, do not remove your work appropriate cute, glitzy-embroidered hoodie sweatshirt to reveal your spaghetti-strap tank top that is barely covering your hot pink push-up bra.-

Because I will stare at your boobs. 
And the kids will stare at your boobs. 
And a few kids will ask me "why is she wearing that?"
And I'll have to shrug my shoulders and quietly say "I have no idea."
When a 6 year old knows what is and what isn't appropriate to wear at recess I do have hope for the future.
The present...I'm not too sure. 

And don't judge me for staring. 
They were good lookin' boobs.