Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Remember The Sun

It's cold here today. 
Cold where it makes your ribs hurt to expand. 
The wind whips down into your collar. 
Freezing your skin and causing you to go numb. 
The chickens are walking around in the little bit of snow we have holding up one foot. 
And then the other. 
The horse has snow kisses on her whiskery muzzle. 
And I remember summer. 
When my armpits are wet. 
And my toenails are painted. 
When my kids fly off of diving boards and do a dance in the air. 
Enjoy these photos of my daughters from warmer days this year. 
And smell the piña colada of suntans. 
Feel the water dripping down your leg as you emerge from the pool. 
The cool breeze is welcome to visit. 
Feel the warmth of the sun.
And it gets too hot so you put your beach towel over your face.
And you melt...

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