Friday, November 21, 2014

Movie Set In Real Life

Cold Winter Afternoon
11:54 am
Scene 1:
Take 1:

Wide lens on school playground. 

Children aged 7 years running by from right to left of frame. 

Slow zoom into monkey bars.

Camera moving very slowly to the left. 

Catching group of girls giggly and flipping perfectly curled hair. 

Stopping for 2.3 seconds on the single boy with finger in nose. 

Slowly moving to left again. 

Another group of boys run by close to camera lens. 

Another finger in nose is noted. 

Camera stops on bench. 

Four boys and two girls are seen sitting. 

One has body buried inside own coat.

Child can't be seen other than legs and feet. 

Camera pans up and over bench to two adults standing on other side of bench. 

Two women. 

First female wearing black coat. 

Second female wearing gray coat. 

Whistles seen around their necks. 

A few girls looking down and kicking rocks next to two women. 

Women laugh together and one shakes her head. 

Boy in dark coat walks up to women from stage right. 

Background noises fade out to hear direct dialogue...

Kid: "I was sick all week."

Woman in black coat (WBC): 
"Well, I'm glad you're back at school!"

Kid staring at her...
staring, staring. 

WBC: uncomfortable smile. 

Looks at woman in gray coat and both shrug shoulders. 

Kid: "I had diarrhea."

WBC: "Wow, I'm so glad you told me that (note sarcastic tone in voice)."

Kid: staring at her...
just staring...

Kid: "no, right now. I had diarrhea."

Woman in Gray Coat: slinks away out of frame while whistling. 

Camera pans over to swing set. 

Children screaming while swinging. 

Camera pans up to sky and 

End Scene...

*true story that happened today at my place of employment. 
But there were more fingers in noses than in above scene. 

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