Monday, October 27, 2014

Sugar On The Floor

It's begun. 
It's that glorious time of year where my kids dress up and pretend to be someone else. 
This year they are channeling the island of Japan and dressing up for Halloween in kimonos and practicing saying kin'nichiwa to each other. 
And yesterday we went to the first of three events that we are hitting this Halloween season to get free candy. 
Because it's really all about the free candy. 

I'm not one of those 21st Century parents that's all like *candy is bad-eat fruit at Halloween-brush your teeth after each bite of chocolate-I'm a mean mom.*
I see people like that on the Today show. 
And we don't go to "safe" events where parking lots are covered with cars stating their candy is better because it's being passed out by nice Christians. 
We go to neighborhoods. 
And ring doorbells of people we don't know. 
Because the world isn't any more scary now than it was when I was growing up. 
There's just 24 hour cable news now. 
Telling us to be afraid. 
I ate candy from strangers as a kid. 
My husband ate candy from strangers.
My kids eat candy from strangers. 
But like everything we do, it's all eaten in moderation. 
That's my big disclaimer. 

So, yesterday my kids got their plastic pumpkin buckets filled with free sugar. 
And I'm finding it everywhere.
Wrappers on the kitchen sink. 
Chocolate crumbles on the side table next to my favorite chair. 
Nerds on the living room rug. 
The dogs are super happy, though. 
And the kids slept well because once they came down from their sugar high they were exhausted. 
Halloween in America. 
Where witches and apples covered in caramel co-mingled with 6 year olds and strangers giving your kid sugar. 
It's pretty damn fabulous. 

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