Friday, August 15, 2014

Being Five

Gigi went to school today. 
Today was the first day she left home and was alone without her sister around (like when she was at summer camp). 
Today she had to leave her mother and father and become a full time student. 
And it was hard for her. 
Very hard. 
She has a lot of anxiety with new situations. 
When she's put in an alien environment. 
She threw up her chocolate milk this morning. 
She twisted up her dress with her hands when I tried to take her photo on the porch. 
She felt twisted up inside herself. 

It's hard to grow up. 
It's hard for someone like Gigi. 
Who had a sick sister and who had to give up her mom and dad for a time because the hospital beckoned them. 
Time will heal all of her inner wounds. 
And she'll someday be able to face new challenges as well as her sister does. 
Because she's a brave girl. 
I know she is. 
Even if she's still not too sure. 

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  1. Oh, Jen! Heartbreaking for you and seeing her like this. Hang in in there, girls!