Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Refrigerator

I was challenged by my friend Laura to show and describe the inside of my fridge.
I guess a refrigerator can speak volumes about a person. 
About a family. 
It's like a chilly inner sanctum. 
It's what defines a person and how they feel about their body. 
What you put in it, the contents of your refrigerator, propels you through your day. 

When I was in my twenties, my fridge contained milk, cheese, Diet Coke, and leftover pizza. 
That was it. 
My thirties expanded my fridge decor because I had a child and a husband. 
It contained organic milk, organic cheese, Organic juice, stir fry veggies, and leftover pizza. 

These days I have two kids (girls, not boys who I hear eat 4,326 calories worth of food every hour) and the husband still. 
I try to make stuff from scratch as much as possible. 
But I still love leftover pizza and Diet Coke. 

My fridge as of today...
Chocolate soy milk and regular cow chocolate milk (Gigi's must have morning breakfast drink. It's her coffee.)
Homemade coffee creamer I just started making. 
Sour cream
Pasta sauce with only 4 ingredients for manicotti
Heavy cream
Cottage cheese
Ricotta cheese 
We really like dairy
Salted butter sticks for toast...I keep some out at room temperature on the counter
Unsalted butter sticks for baking
Eggs..,still store bought for now. Our chickens should hopefully start laying eggs for us next month. 
Leftover homemade pizza
Bread dough
And some cupcakes Zoe made at summer camp that are getting hard and icky. I should throw those out. 
The top crisper drawer at the bottom of the fridge contains veggies...
a bag of baby carrots for the goats, a cabbage for the chickens, organic romaine, sugar snap peas, and broccoli for the humans. 
There's some phylo dough in there I should probably make something with it if it's not dried up. 
The bottom crisper drawer is full of cheese...
shredded cheddar, blocks of cheddar, goat cheese, laughing cow spreadable wedges, queso fresco Mexican crumble cheese, mozzarella cheese to put on a toothpick with some basil and a cherry tomato, a small hunk of Parmesan. 
Like I said, we like dairy. 

The door of the fridge...
Condiments, condiments, condiments. 
Peanut sauce. 
3 kinds of mustards
Taco sauce
Hershey's chocolate bars for s'mores 
Hot sauce
Cod liver oil (don't ask)
Ketchup without high fructose corn syrup
Kraft Parm Cheese (for Gigi's pizza, because it's just like Monicals)
Bacon bits to put on homemade potato skins
Ranch dressing for dipping veggies in
Proseco wine
Coffee...we grind Einstein Brother's Coffee Beans and put them into an old red Folgers canister. 
Gatorade...which I usually never buy, but we went to a cookout and needed to bring drinks and Gatorade is a treat for my kids.

My refrigerator is a side by side model. 
Meaning the freezer is upright behind the left door. 
I hate it. 
You can't fit anything in it at ALL. 
My freezer is currently shoved full of...
Black bean burgers
Fake chicken patties, i.e. Soy
Eggo mini cinnamon waffles
Mini tacos because I'm addicted
Ore Ida Crispy Crowns
More phylo dough...geesh
Some Ben and Jerrys
Freezer pops because it's summah!
And a flexible ice bag for cracks to the head, face, knee, shin, elbow, etc. 

The door of the freezer is odd. 
Not much there. 
Except some of those mugs with the frozen stuff within the walls of the mugs that freeze. 
No one hardly ever uses these mugs. 
A broken ice pop...is someone ever going to eat that thing?
And those glowy things kids get at various outdoor events, 4th of July, birthdays. 
For some reason my kids think if you put them in the freezer after you've already snapped them and they've glowed all night long, they will rise from the dead and glow again another day. 
I keep telling them it doesn't work.
And they keep putting them in there. 
And I keep throwing them out. 

Care to share what's in your fridge?

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