Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Popsicles and Cancer

Zoe had a doctor appointment yesterday. 
A blood draw that went very well. 
She didn't cry at all, just let out a big "ouch!" when the needle went in. 
It's the first time she's ever NOT cried since getting her port out. 
It's funny to write this, but we always have a good time at the pediatric oncologist's office. 
Gigi loads herself up on stickers and dum dum suckers. 
They both raid the toy cabinet before we leave. 
What's one more Lego set/Barbie/Board game/Whatever that fuzzy thing is that makes noise when you step on it?

We always have a good long chat with the doc. 
Yesterday when we were there it was just us and a boy at the end of the hallway. 
He was busy playing on the Wii with his brother while he was getting some chemo pumped into his port. 
So, Dr Niebrugge had lots of time to chat.
He has llamas and he and Zoe always swap farm stories. 
We talked about seeing him at the local street festival that happens in our town the first weekend of August. 
He's pumped that Joan Jett will be playing, as are we. 

It's a nice, calm environment. 
We are never rushed to exit the room we are in. 
We are never rushed with our time with the doctor. 
We can ask questions all day long I think, and they wouldn't care. 
We have always been told "call anytime!"
And "no question is a stupid question, call us!"
We are so lucky to have these amazing people just 40 minutes from our home. 
We didn't have to uproot our family when Zoe was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago. 
We found a new family in Springfield. 
A family that has the same hopes we have for our daughter. 
For her to grow up. 
And to be healthy. 
And a place that feels like home because they have popsicles, too. 


  1. I'm so glad you guys have a great oncology office! Ours is pretty good, but not like a second family (and you know how things are with our primary oncologist).

    Also, what beautiful pictures of Zoe!

    1. Your last post inspired this post Crystal. Friends of ours whose son passed away didn't like their primary oncologist either. We are lucky for sure.