Monday, June 30, 2014

Do You Wanna?

It's a phenomenal thing really.
Each part of the world and then smaller parts of that world have their own languages. 
And accents.
And sayings. 
And I'm starting to sound like a southerner. 
Well an Illinois southerner. 
A south of I-80-ian. 

My country drawl is getting worse the longer I'm in corn country. 
It's an easier way to talk really. 
I drop the "g" of most "ings" and keep throwing out "wanna?" when I ask my kids if they want to go get some yogurt with chocolately mix-ins. 
I used to talk like a Chicagoan. 
With full and round vowels.
And a hint of sarcasm following every other noun. 
I have kept up with some Northern Illinois ways of speech. 
I say sneakers. 
Not tennis shoes. 
I say soda. 
Not pop. 
I say grilled cheese. 
Not cheese toastie. 
I say White Sox. 
Not Cardinals.  

I grew up with a very middle of America twangy accent. 
Then I changed my location. 
And I enjoyed hearing how my voice adapted to my surroundings. 
To the city voice that was there just waiting to emerge. 
Like I had emerged. 
As a girl from small-town America who embraced her new city and home of Chicago. 

Now I'm back in the country. 
My city life is one from another time. 
When I kissed boys at Cub games. 
When I wore shorter skirts. 
When I ate more pad thai. 
But the country gal in me has emerged as a new one. 
With my own voice and convictions that I found when I was in the city. 
But with that old school twang from long ago. 
Now, you wanna go look for fireflies?
Or lightnin' bugs as they say in these parts?

1 comment:

  1. I say White Sox.
    Not Cardinals.

    That made me LOL!

    Nancy is named after my college roommate who is from Arkansas, you know who I am talking about because of how I pronounce Nancy! (Northern for our Nan and Southern for the other Nancy because that is how she pronounces her name.)