Sunday, May 4, 2014

Almost A Week

One of our barn cats. 
The only female in the group. 
She likes to lay on the pool deck and meow at us as we walk by. 

My lunch dates. 
Zoe and her BFFs Emmy and Ally. 

Zoe has been complaining of a sore left knee. 
We went to see the pediatrician. 
The doctor who was quick to get Zoe in for an appointment on September 7, 2010 and who cried when he told us her diagnosis of leukemia. 
We think he's the bees knees...speaking of knees, he didn't know what was up with Z's bum knee. 
We got X-rays. 

Friday was the hubs 42nd birthday. 
We went out with my parents for pasta and had cupcakes and ice cream at home. 

Saturday we went to Chicago.
Went to the zoo...

Got a bubble tea..."Sir, your receipt!!"
This picture cracks me up for some reason!

Hung out with the Wons and Lauricella families. 

Sunday we had breakfast with our friend Don.
Then headed to The Field Museum. 


  1. ahhh bubble tea and the zoo! So jealous I live soooo far away sometimes!

  2. I want a calico kitty. Zoe's ped is a cutie! Think I can pass for a child to receive treatment? ;)