Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Friends Everywhere

The twins were found lounging on Gigi's bed. 
Firecracker is on the left and Jumper is the big guy. 
They often cuddle together like this. 
So darn cute!

Gigi's friend Ella came over to see our baby chicks and to play. 
They get along famously and her mom said she's going to bring her by more as the weather gets warmer. 
So they can run and play in the good ol' outdoors!

Sunday we went to our friends' new home in Normal. 
I went to college in Normal. 
Meet these boys' father in Normal. 
It's so sweet to see my kids and his kids as friends now. 
We went to lunch at an Illinois State institution, Avanti's. 
It was a beautiful day so we went on a walk to get ice cream and to enjoy the sunshine which no one has seen in 6 months!
We walked through the campus. 
Saw the old and new of my alma mater. 
It was really fun. 

I didn't take any pictures Monday. 
But yesterday (Tuesday) the girls and I went to our local zoo. 
It opened for the season and we saw our friends, the wolves and the penguins and the camels and the zebras and the list goes on and on and on. 
Gigi wanted to swing in the baby swing at the playground. 
Ummm, I think she's too big. 
And long. 
Zoe talked to Tilly the wolf. 
Tilly is the alpha wolf of her pack and sometimes the girls can get her to howl. 

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