Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Week's Worth

Have you had a salad at Wendy's lately?
I did on Saturday and it was fabulous!
Fresh apples, candied pecans, crisp lettuces, chunks of blue cheese. 
It was heaven at a fast food chain. 
I'm gonna try another one in the very near future. 
'Cause I got a $2 off coupon. 

What a mess. 
The girls share a room and wanted to switch rooms with Chad and I. 
But our room is smaller?
They didn't care. 
So, Chad and I got the big room and in the closet we cleared out I found this. 
His Scream mask autographed by THE Wes Craven. 
I hung it up in our "new" room. 
So far, no nightmares. 

Monday there was a slight dog brawl. 
It's Lola's fault. 
She can be a real beeotch sometimes. 
Willie just wants to play and she takes everything so personally!
In the mayhem I saw blood. 
I think she bit her tongue. 
Serves her right. 
Notice that gnawed up tooth she has? 
There's another one like it in the back, a molar. 
From chewing on sticks and rocks and whatever else that's not really edible. 
She also has spots in her gumline where there just aren't any teeth at all. 
They never came in. 
She's a genetic nightmare. 

Gigi was so excited to get this in the mail Tuesday. 
Labels with her name on them. 
She had picked out this dolphin theme. 
I absolutely love Mabel's Labels. 
I have gotten them in the past for Zoe. 
To put on school supplies, coats, camp stuff. 
They are very durable and very inexpensive. 
Gigi needs some for Camp COCO and kindergarten. 

Yesterday we got 8 baby chicks at the farm supply store.
They are all brown egg layers. 
Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, and Brahmas. 
The Brahmas should have feathers down their legs. 
Or as Gigi says, "chickens with pants!"
Willie has been quite enthralled by them.  
Lola wants to eat them. 

Today I found Kit Cat watching Chick TV. 

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